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Embossed Hologram
Embossed Hologram
Characteristics of the Embossed Hologram
  • FTRC Hologram is widely used for the purposes of packaging and ornamentation to achieve gentrification
     and prevent forgery.
  • The stable quality and the multipurpose design of the FTRC Hologram is ideal for users.
  • Colors and sizes customizable to the customers' wishes are available in addition to the standard silver, gold, and
     transparent colors and sizes.
  • - Purpose : Applicable through laminating or transcribing onto printing, cosmetics case, cigarette case, medical supplies box, liquor box, greeting cards, fiber, plastic, etc.
  • - Standard color : Silver, Gold, High Reflective Index
  • - Standard product thickness / Product width : 12㎛, 16㎛ / 630㎜, 750㎜
  • ※ Maximum product thickness~ 75 ㎛ / Product width available up to~ 1500㎜(Made to order)