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Holographic R&D
Development of Waveguide for AR Glass
  • Production of Waveguide that allows the image of the LCOS to be transferred from the AR Glass to the human eye
  • Manufactured with R/G/B lasers in order to reproduce Full Color
< Multi-wavelength Holographic Waveguide >
Development of HOE/DOE for Holographic Display
  • Production of optical elements for realization of holographic display
  • Production of HOE/DOE for the BLU light guide panel
  • Production of HOE for Field lens use
< Multi-wavelength HOE for BLU > < Concept graphic of the Multi-wavelength HOE for BLU >
< HOE Diffraction Efficiency Measurement Graph >
< 2X3inch DOE sample > < DOE Recording Optical System > < DOE SEM Image >
Development of hologram rewritable material and screen switching system

(Joint research : Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, University of Arizona, Kyungpook National University, Sejong University)

  • Development of hologram rewritable material
  • Development of screen switching system for tele-presence service
< Hologram writing utilizing rewritable material >
< Screen Switching system utilizing DMD SLM >
< Joint research with the Dr. N. Peyghambarian research
team of the University of Arizona >
Development of hologram-applied rear light for automobiles
  • Production of CGH hologram and display hologram applied automobile rear light prototype
< CGH Metal Master for Mass Production >
< CGH-applied rear light prototype >
< Display Hologram applied rear light prototype >