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Embossed Hologram
Mastering Technology
Silvering effect
  • Luxurious matte effect expression, not existing Rainbow Color effect
  • Possible to apply to all of design such as image, text, lens etc
  • Possible Multi-depth effect through Dot setting (Channel effect)
CGH(Computer Generated Hologram)
  • Creating hidden image by recording Holographic grating: Security Solution
  • Appearing CGH image that has not been seen when the products was flashed

    by portable light (cell phone)

  • Granted security function included by single or other design
DOE(Diffractive Optical Elements)
  • Expression of convex lens effect arranged with at least 1um line (250nm Pixel)
  • Combinable with other design in various size
  • Possible to make gloss and matte and design in oval and rectangle shape
Holographic Hypertext / Microtext
  • Hypertext : Inserting designated image or text in each pixel of hologram design pattern
  • Microtext : Recording designated image or on some of text hologram design patterns
  • Security Solution : Possible to confirm hidden Hypertext/ Microtext through potable


Specialized Technology
  • Making customized pattern design or common pattern
  • Large film Mater/ Metal Maser Making
Technology to manufacture
  • Film for Stamping foil - Digital printing, fiber, plastic, paper, etc.
  • Film for Lamination - Application to BOPP, PET by Base film
Electronics / Automobile